Seabird Movements
BirdCam on Seabirds


During our business we successfully worked closely with several institutes, organizations and companies. For example:

  • WWF, Australia
  • Smithsonian Institute, USA
  • University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (IPHC), France
  • University of Reading, United Kingdom
  • SEO/BirdLife, Spain
  • Sustainable Development & Strategic Science, Canada
  • University of Munich, Germany
  • Department of Wetland Ecology, Spain
  • Berry College, USA
  • SPEA, Portugal
  • Colorado State University, USA
  • Kristianstad University, Sweden
  • Hellenic Ornithological Society, Cyprus
  • University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Institut für Tieroekologie, Germany
  • Liverpool University - Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre (MBERC), United Kingdom

Our goal of the work with science institutes is to gain experience for new developments. Especially in the area bio tracking/wild animals the boundaries of what is technical feasible are reached on a regular base. Only through constant testing of the devices in field applications improvements can be identified and realized.