Perthold Engineering was established in 2008 in South Carolina/USA.

We develop devices around the topics behavior research of animals, object location, self-sustaining recording of images/video/position data, telemetry.

With our support of research assignments regarding zoology/wild animals we collect important knowledge for the development of products for domestic use. This is the reason why we can technically support challenging research projects at very competitive costs. These projects often involve to record animal movement profiles over a long time period, to retrieve tagged animals or to get images from the everyday life of wild animals. Keywords here are GPS Tracker, GPS logger, Critter-Cam, wildlife tagging. In this course we could work successfully together with important institutes and organizations (e.g. WWF, SEO/BirdLife, [references]). GPS Tagged Penguins

Technically we strive for miniaturization of our products, but always with the respect to cost/benefit balance. Furthermore the maximizing of operation time/long term system availability is often an important wish of our customers which we account for with highest energy efficient solutions.

Because of our customer specific development work a whole line of interesting base components/modules was created like GPS receivers, video transmitter, mobile energy supplies. These modules are welcomed by users of DIY/RC/Robotics. Here the modules are helping in appealing and technically challenging applications like Quadrocopters, RC-FPV (First Person View) and autonomous robots.

Remote controlled airplane with live video transmission

Quadrocopter with GPS autopilot

Since a large part of our products deal with position acquisition we cooperate with a Taiwanese RF manufacturer. This way we are able to get GPS modules for own applications as well as for customer solutions cost efficient and application specific. Clients from the automotive and energy industry do already have a benefit from this.

To accomplish our projects we work together with suppliers world wide. Only with good personal contacts it gets possible to get cost efficient materials or customized items quickly.